Blüm App Case Study

A bouquet sales app aimed at providing optimized client facing service to unique customers. Project Duration: 2 Months Problem Statement: How does flower arrangement and delivery exist with digital technology? Goal: Improve the overall experience of flowers in everyday lives. Role: Lead UX designer tasked from branding to creating a deliverable product. Research Summary: In this project I have used research methods such as conducting interviews and comparative analysis of competing apps to drive my design strategy. My assumptions led me to believe that purchasing flowers were for special occasions such as weddings or funerals. However, though extensive testing, I was able to change my design for user needs that included flower gifting for all possible events. Pain Points: 1. Timing flower deliveries correctly for events so they are at the height of their beauty. 2. Providing transparent flower stock so that consumers will be able to create the right bouquet. 3. Having knowledge of flowers to take care of them correctly after a successful delivery. 4. Creating a personalized experience instead of a “what you see is what you get”.

Personas to define the end users’ potential considerations

User webflows

Paper wireframes

Low fidelity wireframes