Chicago International

Film Festival Rebranding

Taking a well known Chicago-based event, this rebranding reimagines film in the modern age. Using the artiface of filmmaking, the new identity system emphasizes the joy of motion picture.

Word Inspiration:

Dark, Flickering, Frame, Focus

Original mark conveys themes of film artifice and image in motion

Initial sketches refer to spotlights, eyes/the gaze,

and a light spectrum as potential marks

Digital first drafts of the new mark experimenting with the light spectrum, spot lights, and focusing vision

The finalized redesigned mark plays into an ephemera of light in motion on the backdrop of 35mm film. The lockup features the typeface whyte inktrap to highlight a rectangular counter space reminiscent of film strips.

Mark Applications

Mark used as a pattern but enhanced through the use of a gradient to create an illusion of theater lighting